Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Go To Heaven? Get A Halo. Stay On Earth? Get A Defective Game.

Yes thats right folks! All across North America people are shitting their pants, splitting heads open with axes and yes even lobbing grenades into local electronics stores all because Halo 3: Limited Edition has a big fat defect. In fact, I've been told that this is not a random occurance sand it is most likely that each store will have at least a percentage of their stock ruined because they couldn't even get their most anticipated launch right. I mean people were not shitting because they were afraid they would miss the release. Overnight at EB Games people were sleeping out. Well I seriously hope you enjoyed one of the hottest nights of the year for your scratched disks folks. I really do. Hope you played yoru PSP all night long, went to work exhausted just to go online and be like "WHAT THE @#$%!"

Millions are dead, because their Halo games didn't work.

Note x2: This is a blog, agree or stfu. Also, Microsoft has already sent out an official remedy.