Friday, June 26, 2009

Nothing Says 'Sell Sell Sell' Like A Celebrity Death

I am going to begin by saying that this is in no way related to Michael Jackson's performances, or my feelings about his media image (though it will be touched on, i want to say that i believe many of the allegations against him were an absurd and offensive means to getting money by parents who thought they could exploit a misunderstood man). I also want to say that I respect and admire all the work that he has done over the years. Dangerous (1991) is one of the first CD's I ever owned. I was three and I specifically asked for that CD after seeing a video on whichever channel was shilling out videos back then. He will be deeply missed by many many fans as we have already seen by the following.

Media Attention

Although another also very famous celebrity died hours before Michael, he has certainly been the one to recieve the resolute and fixed media eye in the past day. Likely because of the media attention he has garnered over the past two decades has put him into a most unwanted spotlight. I was born two years before most of these allegations came to light and have been following it in the news whenever it would pop up again (See: 2004).

As long as we respect the wished of his family, I do not see this getting out of hand. Although I expect there will be graverobbers afoot. So laser-trap his grave with claymores Jackson family, that'll teach those fortune seeking rat bastards that the King of Pop is one corpse you don't want to fuck with.

Album Sales

Go and check out the iTunes top albums. I'll wait... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. Six! Six of his albums are on the best seller chart right now. As it says in my screen name, nothing says 'Sell sell sell' like a celebrity death. Ironically this is not the first time I have seen this. When blind guitar legend Jeff Healey died last year I had this one woman come into my store and said she wanted to buy out all the albums that we had of him and sell them so she could stop profiteers. Lady, look up the definition of profiteer. She was an ugly greasy haired fat hobgoblin of a woman and I knew she was lying through her ugly teeth. So I told her we didn't have any. We had plenty. Anyways, its the perfect time to get a Michael Jackson album, especially off the torrents. 2200 seeds. Thats insane. Well the new Star Trek had ten times that, but still thats pretty good.

I'm done now. I'm gonna listen to some Michael Jackson. I think my Dangerous album is still in the basement somewhere.

Rest peacefully King of Pop.