Monday, September 21, 2009

Set a course for marriage, engage!

I am not going to lie, I have delved into the marriage idea myself with two girls. For all intensive purposes, I have been engaged. I am not in a relationship right now, why do you ask? You know what its like when you are young and in a relationship with an attractive girl or boy, although by now we're women and men. You think the world is your oyster and nothing can go wrong. Sometime soon the reality will set in that its just not going to work out.

I recently found out that another friend from high school, tenth I believe along this list, has become engaged. The people in my class year are no more than twenty or twenty-one. Some of these people are already married, or have children. None of them have anywhere near a good paying job and most are barely getting by. How are we still affording to do this? Weddings cost money, money that we don't have. Children cost money, money that parents are not willing to help with these days. Most of them have monetal problems of their own that they have to focus on.

I am not disrespecting these people. I just want to say, slow down. Just slow down, we're so early in life. Why are we so eager to start families and get tied down? Marriage is not only an emotional bond. You're legally attaching your name to someone who may have debt, debt that if you willingly sign your name to you may be getting into problems you won't be able to contend with.

Its your choice, I'm just saying my piece. I've grown past the point of only seeing whats in front of you and not the big picture. Be careful. Make sure you're going into this with sensability and guidance.

Never the less, I wish you well friend, and all my other friends that are getting married, have gotten maried and are having children, I wish them all well.