Sunday, May 25, 2008

Three Days, Two Nights

So... its almost Anime North time and for the sake of anything I will be doing this post from the confines of my phone.

Yes, my phone. Now you may be thinking ''Wayne, phones are so passe.. lol!!!11'' however I disagree. My phone is the epitaph of phones. It is the HTC 5800, the phone that Jesus used to fight the Nazi's in WWII would you know. You wouldn't? Well then you are an idiot. Except you Pamela and Chris, you are smart. I am talking about the other cretans.

Now there are less than three days remaining until god unleashes Anime North and I am the pumped. I just withdrew the al-ighty ollar from the bank. a great sight evsen if you are withdrawing yen.. and judging by this completely not racist remark, most of the people going have used that currency at some time or another. I've repeatedly asked for Jackson Cul to call but he does not reply. Maybe the wine is talking for him. Maybe it will for us all if Chris is still bringing his birthday gift so we can get destroyed, oh and we will get destroyed in the mind.

Well, it is the night before and here I am at the DT hotel baby. The line is long and trecherous, full of keese and octorok. I am in the belly of the beast. I like this beast. In the past half hour, judging by how many songs have passed on the ol MP3 player I may have moved one hundred feet tops. I may continue this soon. Maybe when I have moved another ten feet.

Anime North began on Friday, May 23rd, at 3:00 pm. It began like any of the other Anime North events, I wanted to go shopping so I probably did at ten or fifteen times or another. I bought a couple games, did a couple dances, bought a suspiciously fun t-shirt and had a generally good time. We played the Wii and the PS2 a hell of a lot more than we are actually supposed to. We began our the first of three Kelsey's runs and it was delicious. Westley likes twizzlers.

We later met up with Lily and then finally met up with Sandia and Tom, two people who are awesome. Very very awesome. We had a good time walking around for a while finally settling on going to see the karaoke and have them sing too. Of course we came back to the hotel after and had a good time. I walked Lily back to her hotel room and crawled into bed around four in the a.m. That ended day one.. sort of cause it was already day two.

Well, and let me say this with absolute certainty, that day two was one of the most interesting day's I have had in my life. Begin!

Around one hour after I went to bed, I woke up... it was 5:30 in the morning and the sun was rising. I maybe got a little more intermittent sleep that night, but the morning was just beginning, and at that, so was the entire day. We didn't even end up leaving the hotel until around noon, which was regretful, but necessary, we needed some sitting. I tried playing Guitar Hero III but the graphics lag on my laptop prevented it from being fun, at all, but Steve got a big laugh from it.

You know we went out for some more shopping. I got the rest of my Stargate figurines which was pretty cool. I was able to build the entire MALP... lol, I didn't even care about the figures all I wanted was that cross between a tank and Rob the Nintendo accessory. I was able to find some awesome pins, SG-1, SGC and Earth symbols and I love them very very much and I got this awesome keychain shaped like a Stargate. I also got the embroidering patches of SG-1 and the Earth symbol, and O'Neill's patch for his uniform. Halloween here I come.

We did another Kelsey's run mid day, with a few more people and it was pretty good. I think all three times I had the same dish. Mmmm. It was delicious.

Chris and I wondered down to the J-pop dance later that night, and met up with great people. The first was Brandi, a very welcoming to new people person, who was a delight to talk to. Second was Christine. Teh dance was fun.

Ted made off with Lily like some kind of Jedi Woman Getting Mechabot. Chris and I returned to the hotel with Westley and Steve and ordered Pizza at 2:30 and crashed after watching a half hour of Robot Chicken.

We woke up again, this time around nine and left the room at eleven. Checked out stuff in and we set off. I went for a major spending spree, I picked up another Stargate figure, a SGC hockey jersey which is so awesome, some more ST:CCG cards, and some manga! Hooray I actually have more than one series of Manga now.

An Overview

I had an enjoyable time, much more than last year, and a bit more than the year before. The year before was good cause we had a huge group, now theres been no much drama that people don't like people and its not good, but good in its own way cause the friends we made this year have to be the greatest people.

Song lyrics come to mind.

"You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave." - Hotel California, The Eagles

Anyone want to see the full Anime North version I have written of Hotel California

Until next year.