Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well at more than half way through the year I thought I would put up contenders for the Christmas Wayney Awards. Current nominations are:

Best Movie of 2007:
Live Free or Die Hard
Spiderman III

Worst Movie of 2007
None so far

Best CD of 2007
Nathan - Key Principles
Brad Paisley 5th Gear

Best Song of 2007
Terrible Way To See Omaha - Nathan
John Paul's Deliveries - Nathan
Ticks - Brad Paisley
Lost - Faith Hill
Because of You - Reba McEntire ft. Kelly Clarkson

Worst Song of 2007
Umbrella - Re-hanna ft. J-Zee (I know how to spell their names, I just have a seething and unrelenting burning hatred for the crappiness of this song. "Eh eh eh eh eh eh" I mean yes we get its an umbrella eh. We may be Canadian but you don't have to mock us bitch.)
Kicking Stones - Johnny Reid (Song sounds like the guy's passing stones rather than kicking them. I fell over laughing so if there are any typo's its my own fault.)

Worst CD of 2007
Reggae Gold - Various Artists (the cover was enough to just say I am going to assume this CD degrades women so it automatically garners a nomination.)
Kicking Stones - Johnny Reid

Best New Friend of 2007
Josh Faulhaufer
Anthony Guidotti
Natalia Lecki
Arielle Somberg (the first non-canadian nominee)
Jacqueline Claire

My girlfriend Joanne automatically wins an honorary award in that category.

Best Old Friend of 2007
Chris Nagy
Jaci Prevost
Angie Davis
Natalie Wallace

I may add more to this later on in the month.